British Sniper - One Shot Six Kills

British Sniper - One Shot Six Kills

It was December in Kakaran, in southern Afghanistan when Lance Corporal "zero" with the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards spotted a group of insurgents approaching their position.

After telling the lads that they were about to be hit, they came under heavy small arms fire from around 15 to 20 Taliban Fighters.

With rounds flying overhead "zero" identified a group flanking down a tree line and coming up over a ditch as they moved into a fire position. One of the insurgents in the group was carrying a machine gun. He was the target.

1st Battalion Coldstream Guards

1st Battalion Coldstream Guards "Watch and shoot"

The 20-year-old sniper took aim and fired, hitting the machinegunner directly in the chest before his body exploded. The man wasn't just taken out - so were the other five men. It turns out the man the corporal hit was wearing a suicide vest packed with 20kg of high explosive.

He quickly got on the net with his radio and said "I think I’ve just shot a suicide bomber".

The British sniper had killed six insurgents with a single bullet after hitting the suicide bombers detonator from 850 metres away.

Some would say he got lucky but to qualify as a sniper at such a young age shows immense determination and skill. Adding to that is his first shot on the tour of duty, where he killed a Taliban fighter from 1,465 yards (1,340m).

British Sniper with L115A3

A British sniper takes aim with his L115A3 (Accuracy International AWM)

Zero with his incredible shooting prevented further loss of life by taking out a large number of Taliban fighters -  If they had been overrun or the suicide bomber been successful, it would have been a devastating attack on British troops.

("zero" is a fictitious name used to protect the identity of the British soldier.)


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