"Who Dares Wins" SAS trooper piled into Kenya terror siege – Killing militants and saving lives

"Who Dares Wins" SAS trooper piled into Kenya terror siege – Killing militants and saving lives

SAS hero led charge into Kenya hotel to kill terrorists and rush victims to safety as fanatics slaughtered 14.

The long-serving member of the SAS who was deployed to the country in order to train and mentor Kenyan Special Forces had to step in when four terrorists attacked a nearby hotel complex.

After one militant detonated a suicide belt the remaining three went on a rampage using AK47 variants and grenades which left 14 dead, including British development worker Luke Potter.

Heavily armed: Militants are seen by CCTV moments before the attack

Amid the carnage – orchestrated by terror group al-Shabaab – the lone SAS soldier tooled up and went in at the request of Kenyan security forces who needed help.

Incredible images showed the operator in jeans, trainers and body armour storming through doors and aiding injured, his face covered by a balaclava.

SAS Operator Nairobi

He was pictured operating at the hotel alone. But sources say he was joined by US Navy Seals.

 SAS Trooper rescues victims from Kenya Hotel

The masked hero is seen helping evacuate an injured man from the Hotel.

Sources heard the rescuer firing his weapon after entering the building shortly before leading multiple hostages to safety.

His incredible heroism and actions undoubtedly saved many lives at the DusitD2 hotel in Nairobi on Tuesday.

Bullet impacts on window at Nairobi DusitD2 Hotel

 Aftermath: The number of rounds fired can be seen on the glass in the Hotel.

The incident was declared over today by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta as he reported that all attackers had been "eliminated".


Video footage of the SAS Trooper leading the hostages to safety.


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