Soldiers Sign Off In Their Thousands Over New Army Recruitment Campaign

Soldiers Sign Off In Their Thousands Over New Army Recruitment Campaign

Army recruitment campaign sent soldiers into a frenzy as it calls upon snowflakes and selfie addicts to fill the ranks.

Serving soldiers have been left feeling undermined and embarrassed as a result of the campaign which has had a negative impact on morale.

Soldiers were outraged to find out that what they initially thought were funny meme's, turned out to be official Army recruitment material.

British Army Recruitment Posters

Above: Not Meme's but official Army recruitment posters published by Capita.

An inside source said that current service personnel don't want to be seen as the stereotypes or be associated with them in any way. They also said that the obscene £1.5 million cost of the campaign should be used to improve things such as food, accommodation and welfare.

Record numbers of troops have logged into their JPA (administration system) and put their notice in to leave the military, a process which can take up to 12 months. 

It comes after Guardsman Stephen McWhirter, 28, reportedly wrote on Facebook that he was going to formally resign after his face was used alongside the slogan “Snowflakes: Your Army Needs You” allegedly without his permission.

A source told us "post leave periods normally see an increase in career termination applications, however when the majority of troops returned to base on Monday after Christmas leave there were thousands"

A soldier said, "There has always been a disconnect between the MOD and its workforce and it has never been more clear." he went on to say "The military needs to focus on retention and offer a better deal to those serving rather than taking benefits away."

Troops were quick to mock the campaign with their own versions of recruitment posters with typical military banter.

(Warning: Do not view these if you are of sensitive nature)


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  • dave Elliott

    Improve conditions of service and word of mouth will do the rest, only time recruiting campaigns work is when the need is obvious, WW1, WW2 etc, the rest of the time it’s the blokes telling their civvy mates how good it is!

  • Neil

    Its a Joke, Insults OUR FALLEN and The past and present serving members of the Armed Forces. We once had an armed forces that was respected by the world. I was proud to have served, Now this makes it a JOKE of the world.

  • Jordan

    @Dave B, I signed of because of this!

  • Matt

    Makes me laugh when you see blokes who served in the 50’s – 90’s chipping in. If you didn’t do Ireland (the sharp end) or Falklands you didn’t do much. The generation who served through Telic and Herrick are the ones who have bragging rights.

  • 23 years

    Adrian Paul – some soldier you were if making beds and driving the floor buffer was the best action you saw ….. ‘Army was great back in the good old days not like now’ …. idiot

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