Tactical Shark Skin Waterproof Softshell

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Tactical Shark Skin Waterproof Softshell

A weatherproof forcefield, you will end up living in this jacket. Unlike issued military kit that acts like a sponge, this softshell is the complete opposite. A guy wore this in the field once and got told to get wet but he physically couldn't. 

Fixed hood with elastic drawstrings & Peaked cap to keep out the elements.

This tactical soft shell is mix of high-quality Cotton and Polyester. Making it very warm and comfortable. The jacket is highly durable and above all waterproof! Making it perfect for all outdoor activities or field conditions (providing you are allowed you own kit).

Designed for all seasons with high breathability, the jacket is very comfortable and the polyester material provides the ultimate fit.

Underarm zips can be adjusted to increase airflow and better regulate temperatures.

This jacket has multiple pockets: On the chest and two on both arms. The zippers are made of high quality with an extra durable knot.

Warning: You may be mistaken for special forces whilst wearing this in public. Please wear responsibly...

NOTE: Please check the size chart before buying!

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  • Tactical Soft Shell 
  • Waterproof
  • Made of high-quality polyester
  • For Military but also casual wear
  • Ideal autumn and winter
  • Multiple Pockets
  • Zips are of high quality