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"Royal Artist Force" RAF Helicopter Draws Crown Over London

A Royal Air Force pilot has drawn a crown over London in honour of King Charles and the upcoming flypast.

Pilot draws a crown for King Charles
Flight Radar Screenshot of RAF Helicopter route

A keen spotter noticed the Royal Air Force Juno helicopter making patterns over the sky of London before checking in with flightrader to grab this amazing screenshot.

The Airbus Helicopters H135 Juno (Juno HT Mk.1) provides the basic rotary wing training role with No.1 Flying Training School (1 FTS) at RAF Shawbury, the oldest military pilot training school in the world.

Other branches of His Majesty's Armed Forces say the crown looks like it was "drawn by Johnny aged 5" and were amazed to find out that it was indeed a pilot in the RAF!

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