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BREAKING: The US shoot down FOURTH Ufo

BREAKING: The US has just shot down the FOURTH unidentified flying object over North America. The News comes weeks after shooting down a Chinese spy balloon. Since the balloon was shot down the skies above America have been teaming with UFOs.

The big question on everyone's minds is has the US inadvertently started a war with an unknown adversary? China is silent and the pictures of these "UFOs"' have stopped coming. According to an F22 pilot who scrambled to the scene over lake Michigan. The craft was hexagonal and had no propulsion system at an altitude of 20,000ft.

One of the most compelling UFO events ever witnessed has been recreated on Netflix's unsolved mysteries. In the episode, a number of craft moving at phenomenal speed were recorded and sighted over lake Michigan - The exact location where one of the UFOs has been shot down.

Last week the US shot down a Chinese Spy Balloon (pictured below)

Unfortunately the intelligence surrounding the other flying objects is covered in mystery.

The only thing we do know is that America is at high readiness to defend it's airspace to deadly affect. Let's just hope they don't shoot down ET on his bike in the process!

The story continues...

Are we alone?

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