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The Ultimate Guide to British Military Slang

"The Language of Warriors: Understanding Military Slang and Phrases"

If you have the pleasure of knowing someone in the military, you may find it challenging to understand the language they use on a daily basis. Military slang and terminology can be complex, and without a background in the military, it can be difficult to decode.

Our comprehensive dictionary is the go-to resource for deciphering military jargon, acronyms, and phrases.

Our guide will help you bridge the communication gap and better understand the military world, whether you're a parent, sibling, spouse, or friend. You'll be able to connect with your loved one on a deeper level and gain a greater appreciation for their service if you have this tool at your disposal.

Mark Wahlberg: Troy Barlow in Three Kings

Let's begin

1. ‘Ally’

A word which describes how cool someone or their equipment looks, usually their battlefield fashion. Those serving in the special forces have automatic ‘ally’ status.

2. ‘Threaders’

Angry or fed up.

3. ‘Hoofing’

Excellent or amazing.

4. ‘Gen’

Another term for I swear, short for Genuine. (The Truth)

5. ‘Gucci’


6. ‘Icers’


7. ‘Redders’

Really hot.

8. ‘Scran’


9. ‘Fartsack’

Sleepingbag that you FART in.

10. ‘Jack’

Doesn't help anyone. Workshy or selfish. For example ‘He's Jack as fuck!’

That's the first 10, so now you can enjoy the gleaming weather because it's absolutely redders outside, gen!

11. ‘Beasting’

Getting annihilated by Physical Training Instructors, this normally happens after you've spent the entire Christmas holiday boozing.

12. ‘Civvy’

Slang for civilian - a member of the public that doesn’t serve within the Armed Forces.

13. ‘Lizard’

A derogatory term for someone in a lower unit/rank.

14. ‘Crow/Crowbag’

New recruits or an inexperienced soldier at their first unit. Also short for Combat Recruit Of War in WWI.

15. ‘Daysack’

A military backpack containing kit and equipment meant to last at least 24 hours. But can you use a daysack at night?

16. ‘Dit’

As story, normally exaggerated and involving fights or women.

17. ‘Gleaming’

To describe something as good, desirable or brilliant. If something is ‘gleaming’ you’re probably onto a good thing.

18. ‘Green Time Machine’

Issues sleeping bag, it's green...

19. ‘Oggin’

Water/Sea - My old troop Commander once said "Water separates the men from the boys" whilst we were drowned down on the assault course.

20. Doss bag

Sleeping bag

21. Crap hat

Higher tier units call other regiments crap hats because their berets aren't green or red.

22. Mong

Derogatory word for someone who has fucked up.

23. Scoff

Horrible word for food.

24. Cookhouse

A place that serves food fit for HMP Prisoners... Oh wait

25. Galley

Canteen on board a ship where the Royal Navy goes to eat.

26. Stag

Guard duty or sentry, normally done when it's raining sideways

27. Recce

Shorthand for Reconnnasonnance (Reconnaissance).

28. Yomp

Young Officers Marching Pace. A way of moving into battle carrying the weight of an Elephant on your back. It happened in the 1980's so apparently it's good for 2023.

29. TAB

Tactical Advance to Battle. Again, carrying a shit load of kit that makes a lot of noise - not very tactical.

30. Hanging out

See beasting

31. Dhobi

To wash or clean

32. Honking

Absolutely stinking or bad

33. Gopping

Honking x10

34. Kangaroo Court

Every mans greatest fear, you've been found guilty and need to stand trial for your actions.. Standby.

Have we missed anything? Drop a message in the comments or DM us with your favourite slang!

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